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Press Release

Kanex Adds to Line of Innovative Car Chargers for Mobile Devices

Additions Include Four-Port Shareable and Premium Dual-Port Models, and USB-C / USB Combo

Brea, CA – July 12, 2017 – Kanex, an innovative leader in connectivity solutions for Apple, iOS, PC, and Android devices, announced that it is adding to its innovative line of car chargers for mobile devices. The new additions feature multi or combination port units, allowing multiple devices to be simultaneously charged and used at the same time. Included is a USB-C car charger that can charge any of the new ultra-thin devices, such as the new MacBook.

“Whether they are used for a work carpool, friends headed out, or a family going on a trip, our new car chargers are perfect for those times when one USB port is not enough,” commented Andrew Truong of Kanex. “These are multi-port units that assure driver and passengers alike will be well powered during the ride or once they get to their destination. Each model features special Kanex over-current and circuit protection to ensure devices are protected at all times while charging.”

The new line of Kanex car chargers includes the following items:
• Kanex GoPower Shareable Car Charger – 4-Port USB Car Charger
This innovative four-port USB car charger with six-foot extended USB hub doesn’t play favorites. The Kanex GoPower Shareable Car Charger allows both front and back-seat passengers to charge and use their devices at the same time. Four powerful 2.4-Amp ports provide the fastest possible on-the-go charge. It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy series, and all USB-powered devices. Black finish.
Item #: K161-1150-BK6F; MSRP: $39.95; Available: Now

• Kanex GoPower Premium Dual-Port Car Charger
One charger, two devices. It’s Kanex’s most premium and powerful car charger to date. The Kanex GoPower Premium Dual-Port Car Charger features two 2.4-Amp USB ports that quickly and easily charge two devices at peak speeds. Driver and passenger can charge their smartphones and tablets simultaneously. LED lights indicate when connected to power and charging. The unit is constructed of premium anodized aluminum for a sophisticated look and durable feel. Compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android mobile devices.
Item #: K161-1205-MB; MSRP: $19.95; Available: Now

• Kanex USB-C Car Charger
The Kanex USB-C Car Charger is the first car charger with a built-in USB-C cable. Now, drivers or passengers can charge their new MacBook or any other USB-C ready device as they drive. It’s specially designed for both new and the current technologies as the built-in cable has both a USB-C connector for the new MacBook and similar devices, and a standard USB port to power up iPhones, iPods, and other USB friendly items. Its four-foot long cable can reach the dashboard or back seat. Black finish.
Item #: K181-1052-BK4F; MSRP: $39.95; Available: Now

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The complete line of Kanex car chargers are available at www.kanex.com and www.amazon.com

About Kanex
Kanex is a group of thinkers, creators, technologists, go-getters and doers. As an innovative leader in connectivity solutions for Apple, iOS, PC and Android, we have thrived on creating functional products that fit seamlessly into your everyday life. We have a passion for technology, which is why we are so dedicated to advancing tomorrow’s technology, today. Our deep-rooted commitment to providing advanced consumer electronics has demanded we think not just of the individual, but also the home, the business and the environment they survive in. We are Kanex. Driven by passion, curious by nature, and unconventional by design. Follow Kanex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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