Battery Power to go for 2 iphones

Power for Two

When your mobile device is running out of juice, the GoPower Pack can provide a second life to your device. Whether you carry multiple devices or share with a friend, the GoPower Pack offers two USB charging ports to charge two devices at once. For everyday power use, the GoPower 6,000 mAh has the capacity to fully charge your smartphone twice. If you’re a hard-core power user, the 11,000 mAh can deliver up to 4 full charges.

Portable Power Companion

Continue to use your favorite mobile device on the go with the extra-portable GoPower 2,600 mAh. Whether you’re walking, riding a bike around town, hiking in the mountains, or camping with friends, the GoPower 2,600 can charge and extend your smartphone’s talk time.
GoPower Pack 2600 mAh
Led Indicators

LED Status Indicator

LED indicators let you know the power level of your GoPower Pack. To recharge the GoPower Pack, simply plug the included micro USB cable into the GoPower Pack then to a USB power source.

Go With Style

Charge your phone and look good doing it. GoPower Pack’s (6,000 and 11,000 mAh models) sleek design features an innovative slide-out stand that props up your phone so you can watch a movie while charging. The 2,600 mAh model comes in an ultra-compact, ergonomic design that offers great value and is easy to transport.
Go With Style
Go With Style



What's Included:

• Kanex Mobile Power Pack
• micro USB Cable
• Carrying Pouch
• User Manual


1.0A port:
Most mobile devices with 1.0A input voltage, such as smartphones and devices with smaller battery capacity.
2.1A port:
Most mobile devices with 2.1A input voltage, such as tablets and devices with larger battery capacity.
Technical Specifications
 GoPower Pack™ 6,000mAh
GoPower Pack™ 11,000mAh
GoPower Pack™ 2,600mAh
InputDC 5V, Max 2,000 mAhDC 5V, Max 2,000 mAhDC 5V, Max 1,000 mAh
Output1DC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAhDC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAhDC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAh
Output2DC 5.3V, Max 2,100 mAhDC 5.3V, Max 2,100 mAhN/A
USB type-A connectorCharge your deviceCharge your deviceCharge your device
micro-USB connectorCharge your batteryCharge your batteryCharge your device
Battery TypeLithium-Ion BatteryLithium-Ion BatteryLithium-Ion Battery
Charges  iPhone 5s2 times4 times1 times
Unit Dimension2.46in. x 4.13in. x 0.96in. (WxHxD)2.46in. x 5.44in. x 0.89in. (WxHxD)2.46in. x 4.13in. x .95in.(WxHxD)
 62.4mm x 105mm x 24.2mm62.5mm x 138.2mm x 22.6mm62.4mmx 105.0mm x 24.2mm
Unit Weight0.3929lb0.6174lb0.56lb
Unit + Accessory
Unit Package
3.86in. x 5.55in. x 2.01in. (WxHxD)3.86in. x 6.77in. x 2.01in. (WxHxD)3.91in. x 5.09in. x 0.94in. (WxHxD)
 98mm x 141mm x 51mm98mm x 172mm x 51mm99.44mm x 129.30mm x 24.06mm
Unit Package

FAQ (9)

Does the Kanex GoPower Pack charge my iPad or Android Tablet?
Yes, it would. Depends on the battery capacity of your iPad, iPad Min, Android or other type of Tablet, Kanex GoPower Pack would provide full charge to your devices or be a good companion to extend the usage of your devices.

How long does it take to re-charge the Kanex GoPower Pack?
For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a USB charger with 2.0A output to charge Kanex GoPower Pack KBY10 and KBY20. With a USB charger that can output 2.0A, it will take approximately 3 hours to recharge KBY10 and 5 hours to recharge KBY20. With smaller output USB charger, the time it takes to recharge KBY10 and KBY20 will be longer depending on the charger.
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Can the slide-out stand hold my iPad or other type of Tablet?
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The stow-away stand is designed to hold iPhone or any other Smart Phone devices, iPad Mini, and most mobile devices with 7.9” or smaller screen size. It is not recommended to place any device with screen size larger than 7.9” on the stow-away stand as it will not support the weight and size of the device and your device might be damaged if not placed securely.

How to check the status of your GoPower Pack?
You can check power levels by referring to the LED-indicators on the side of your GoPower Pack. They will light up white one of two ways: (1) while your Go Power Pack is connected to a power source to charge itself or (2) while your GoPower Pack is connected to your USB cable and charging your mobile devices. See below diagram for the various stages of power availability on your GoPower Pack.

How many times I can charge my iPhone/Smartphone with my Kanex GoPower Pack?
Depends on the battery capacity of your mobile devices, Kanex GoPower Pack can deliver up to 2 times with KBY10 and 4 times with KBY20 to your iPhone/Smartphone.

How many times I can charge my iPad/iPad mini or other type of Tablets with my Kanex GoPower Pack?
Depends on the battery capacity of your mobile devices, Kanex GoPower Pack KBY10 with 6000mAh or KBY20 with 11000mah will be able to deliver various numbers of charges to your mobile devices, or provide extended usage of your mobile devices.

Can I charge two devices at the same time?
Yes, you can. Kanex GoPower Pack KBY10 and KBY20 each has two ports, 1.0Amp and 2.1Amp, and both ports can deliver charge to your mobile devices simultaneously.

Can I leave my mobile devices on during charging?
Yes, you can.

Dear at Kanex,I just bought a Kanex GoPower Pack White 11000 mAh Portable Battery Pack KBY20. I really like the product and it was worth it. BUT unfortunately I still don't know how to start it whenver I wish to charge my iPhone from it?I mean sum products of another brands have like a button to start it and once you finished, you press it again to close it OFF. So could you please help me with that? your help is much appreciated. Regards, Saud
Hello, The Kanex GoPower Pack does not have an ON and OFF button. The device's battery level can be seen by checking the LED battery indicator on the unit. The GoPower Pack only runs when you are charging a device. When it is not in use, it is no using any power.

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  5.00 out of 5/ Based on1 reviews

I discovered the product on the Kanex website. I was interested by the battery capacity and the design. It just perfectly suits my needs.

Reviewed by PA, Schiltigheim France, 7/13/2014
Device: iPad - Year:

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