DualRole + Universal Power Adapter

This Universal AC Wall Adapter from Kanex is specially made for the Kanex DualRole (Gigabit Ethernet + 3-port USB 3.0 Hub). The adapter provides more power to the USB 3 ports. Simply plug in to any standard electrical power outlet either at home or the office. It’s the perfect companion for DualRole to boost your productivity.
Kanex DualRole USB 3.0

Add Ample Power

If you’re using all 3 ports at the same time, or a device that requires more power– like an external hard drive - just plug in the power adapter to give your DualRole some extra juice - up to 900mA for each port.

Go Everywhere

Enjoy the convenience of being able to use your electronic devices in more than 180 countries. It includes a set of international plugs that allow you to connect to most foreign power outlets for traveling abroad.
Universal power plug
Universal AC Power Adapter 180 countries




What's Included:

Universal Power Adapter
US Plug
UK Plug
EU Plug
AU Plug

Technical Specifications:

5V, 2.6A full range universal power adapter
Includes US/UK/EU/AU prongs
Dimension: 145.0(W) x 63.0 (H) x 105.0 (L)mm


Kanex DualRole





  4.00 out of 5 / Based on 2 reviews

I bought this adapter to charge my Kanex Dual Role USB/ethernet hub. I was hoping that it would be able to charge my new high power iPad devices (iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5s), but although it will sync, I still get the message that the hub is not compatible and the device says that it is not charging. I was hoping that I could leave my devices plugged in to my MacBook Air and have them charge with the Dual Role running on this AC adapter, but I still have to plug into a dedicated USB charger to charge my devices.
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Reviewed by BI , Los Angeles CA United States , 7/14/2014
Device: MacBook - Year: 2013/06

This is really the only suitable power adapter for the USB 3 hub provided by Kanex. It is unfortunately a well-kept secret and rather hard to get hold of. I would suggest it be supplied with the hub as an optional extra and that it be made easy to find and purchase.
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Reviewed by DP , Shoreline WA United States , 12/28/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013/12

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