What is Kanex mySpot?

mySpot is a travel-sized, easy to use Wireless Access Point, enabling anyone to setup their own private, secure Wi-Fi network. mySpot creates a personal wireless network from a Live Ethernet port, that provides internet connectivity, enabling reliable wireless-g connectivity for your devices. Featuring personal security settings, mySpot is ideal for iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other mobile devices.

2013 Macworld observer award
mySpot wifi access in hotel
mySpot Eithernet Connection
mySpot Diagram

Hotel Internet Sharing

Some hotels provide free wired internet to your laptop. Now you can share the same internet line to all your wireless devices*. mySpot is ideal for modern Macbook and iPad users that depend on wireless for their internet connection. mySpot will provide that wireless connectivity if hotels only have a wired connection. mySpot is ideal for that peace of mind.
mySpot wifi setting
USB Powered

USB Powered

Powered by any USB port or charger, setup is easy to complete - just plug it into a USB port for power, connect an Ethernet cable, and surf!

mySpot Easy to Use Design

Easy to Use Design

Plug into any USB port, connect an Ethernet cable providing Internet connectivity*, and you’re ready to go! It’s as simple as Pop. Plug. Play

mySpot Password Protection

Surf With Peace of Mind

Providing password protection and WEP encryption, mySpot creates a highly reliable, secure wireless network.

  *Kanex mySpot works seamlessly with a wired Internet connection that provides internet access at no cost such as hotels.
mySpot wall plug




What's Included:

Kanex mySpot

Technical Specifications:

IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3,
IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x, CSMA/CA, CSMA/CD,


USB: A-Type plug
LAN: Ethernet RJ45 slot x 1 (Auto MDI/MDIX)
Frequency: 2.4~2.4835GHz
Transmission rate: 11g, 11b
Channels: 14
Anti-Radio-Interference: DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Data Modulation: IEEE802.11g: OFDM

Medium Access

Control Protocol: CSMA/CA with ACK
Wireless Security: 64/128/152-WEP
Wireless Transmission Gain: 20dBm (Max)
Antenna Type: 1 PIFA antenna

Network Medium


LED indicator

Status LED indicator: LAN Link/Act status & system status LED indicator
Power LED indicator: PWR (Power LED indicator)



802.11g (Wireless-G)
802.11b (Wireless-B)
USB 2.0 / 3.0

myspot package

FAQ (6)

Will it allow you to bridge to a hotel's wireless ONLY connection? So the radio in the macbook connects to the hotels wifi and then the kanex is hooked USB to your macbook and it creates a hotspot?
For your first question, Yes - the mySpot will allow you to access Wi-Fi connection from the LAN network in hotels. Secondly, the USB is designed to power the unit, once the MySpot is connected to a LAN port in the hotel, it works like an access point and will create WiFi for your devices.

If a user already has an ethernet-to-USB adaptor; or if their computer already has an ethernet port (i.e. MacBookPro) then I don't understand why anyone would need this product. They can just go into System Preferences and under Sharing set up a WiFi ad hoc network.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, the Kanex MySpot works like an access point, it lets you create multiple Wi-Fi connections, rather than just using your MacBook Pro for the internet, now you can also connect your iPhone, iPad and other wi-fi enabled device as well using single connection. On a side note, the USB is solely designed for power. Thanks.
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How would I connect an iPhone/iPad to this network when I do not carry a Laoptop as a power supply?
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The easiest way to connect your iPad/iPhone to the network would be by plugging the MySpot into a USB AC adapter. The mySpot needs to be USB powered and since you dont carry a laptop, my suggestion to you would be to buy a compact USB AC adapter, that would do the job.
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You mention that an iphone charger provides enough power can I assume that provided a usb hub provides enough power too that it will work with that as well (I then log into it's wifi page and set up the settings etc)?
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Yes, that's a great question, USB Hubs normally are powered by 5V and that will work with mySpot either external powered hubs or the ones built in to the computer. Thanks.
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i was trying to change the password configuration and a red sign appears"LENGTH INVALID", ill try by using many different length of characters and it keeps showing the same sign, how many characters do i need to use?
Its either 5 OR 13, Cannot exceed any longer than that. Thanks.
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I can't access settings page with
There is another way to enter the settings page please visit the following link http://forums.kanexlive.com/post/i-cant-access-settings-page-with-192-168-1-225-6178415
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Ask Questions

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Ratings (9)

  4.22 out of 5 / Based on 9 reviews

1. In hotel rooms 2. the idea, the size, and that it just works :) 3. 4. continue to be creative like that :)
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Reviewed by YB , Lausanne Switzerland , 7/28/2014
Device: iPhone - Year: 2014/07

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Reviewed by M , Bangalore KARNATAKA India , 12/24/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013

I travel a lot and in hotels I like to use such access points, although the ethernet in hotel rooms is functional only about 50% of the time. I like the small size. I try to be compact. It took some luck and knowledge of subnet issues as a former network admin to set it up with my own network name. I think I tried a network name with unicode for upside down characters but that name didn't work on this product.
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Reviewed by SW , Los Gatos CA United States , 10/19/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013/06

1) I use this device while stationed in Afghanistan. I plug it to our inconsistent Ethernet in our room, and provide WiFi for all my Apple products (I have three here). 2) It's small, portable, apparently quite reliable, and looks beautiful the way it connects, not a gaudy looking device. 3) I don't use mine with a password, and don't know how to apply the use of the password. Not sure it matters. 4) It's pricey compared to some other versions, but it's designed to be consistent with the look of Apple products, quite beautiful.
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Reviewed by DC , Alexandria VA United States , 10/18/2013
Device: MacBook - Year: Jul/2013

My Myspot did not arrive with the cord to connect it properly which I feel is a real detractor for use. I wanted to use it in the hotel we were staying in to connect my macbook to the internet. I couldn't use the device until I went to Radio Shack to buy the appropriate cord. We have not been in a situation since then to use the connection so I cannot review it.
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Reviewed by jf , manvel TX United States , 8/25/2013
Device: Others - Year:

Used to create a wifi access point in hotels. Works brilliantly!

Reviewed by BC , Spalding LINCOLNSHIRE United Kingdom , 8/14/2013
Device: iPad - Year: 12/12

As to the hotspot - I love the size and it does what you say. It could use a little more power and you need to improve the user interface. Like so many others I immediately lost the ip address and had to dig through the literature on how to find it. The web interface could be beefed up, and you could add some features. But - there is no question that for its size it is exactly the convenience a person would want. I would add that after setting it up once, I likely won't have to go back and do it again ever. But I can't give this a five-star because of the interface problems.
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Reviewed by BL , Washington DC United States , 3/4/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2012

Myspot is awesome. Does what it promise. Have some trouble to access ip address to secure.
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Reviewed by W , Den Haag nl Netherlands , 3/4/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013-03

To create wi-fi hot spot in a loction that only has ethernet. My laptop is no longer teathered to a cable. I had a little difficulty at first assigning a password. Your tech support was excellent and I was able to assign a password.
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Reviewed by JC , new York NY United States , 12/17/2012
Device: MacBook - Year: 11/12

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