Share Between iMac, iPhone and iPad

Take multi-tasking and staying connected to a next level. Want a bigger Mac keyboard? Looking for a Bluetooth Mac keyboard that can do triple duty—or more? The Kanex MultiSync Mac Keyboard is wireless, full-sized and can be shared among multiple devices with the push of a button. Reply to a text on your iPhone, take notes on your iPhone, and type away on your Mac—all from the same keyboard. There’s a reason our customers call this the “best Bluetooth keyboard” and “best Mac keyboard” available anywhere.

bluetooth keyboard

One Touch Quick Switchingbluetooth

Bluetooth technology means you don’t have to take up valuable USB ports with wireless receivers. Setup is easy, and no installation or drivers are required.
Designed for easy navigation, this white Mac compatible keyboard features a clean design and low profile keys that provide a stylish yet comfortable typing experience.

One Touch
Full-size keyboard

Full-Sized Wireless Keyboard for Mac

The MultiSync Mac Keyboard includes a full numeric keypad to easily enter numbers. Arrow keys are convenient for scrolling through documents and playing games.

Easily access Search, Share, Device and Settings on your Mac or iOS device. Adjust the volume, play and pause with useful media keys. Use the Home, Back, Menu and Email keys on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The only thing I would like to see is the use of AA batteries because those are common and I have a bunch of rechargeable ones.
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Reviewed by DJ , Long Grove IL United States , 2/16/2015
Device: iMac - Year: 2014/12

I was looking for a replacement keyboard and his caught my eye at macWorld. After conversation with a couple of Kanex techs and careful examination I took home some info and opted to read on reviews online. Put into practice the keyboard has been bullet-proof; easy to set up and sync with my iPad, and with the blessing of a numerical pad it makes the input for my monster of a book collection into a catalog file infinitely easier. No downsides to date...superior product !
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Reviewed by PK , Pleasant Hill CA United States , 7/15/2014
Device: iMac - Year: 2014/07

I use the product to simplify my desktop by using one keyboard omcontol an iMac, a MacBook Pro, and an iPad. It performs that function admirably. Swapping between devices with one keystroke is great. The biggest problem with the keyboard - by far - is the lack of an indicator for the CAPS LOCK key. I also would like to have backlighting on all of the keys since I will work nights in my office with minimal lighting.
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Reviewed by DV , Center Valley PA United States , 7/13/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2014/07

Wanted a device which would take the clutter off of my desk yet be easy enough to travel with as I go from Hawaii to the mainland and back. This device allows me to complete work while in the office or on the flight and keeps me going right into the hotel. My only suggestion is I wish the three blue tooth keys had stickers I could add so I could quickly know which button to push to change between devices. Other than that, this is a device I recommend to everyone who watches me use the keyboard.
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Reviewed by RL , Naalehu HI United States , 7/12/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year:

Very usefull keyboard I use whit my mac and ipad
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Reviewed by sc , sant'egidio alla vibrata Italy , 6/26/2014
Device: iPad - Year: 2014/06

This is a great keyboard, I use it extensively. Feels like the Apple brand, great quality. The reason I bought it is that I can use it to type on my iPhone or iPad as well which is very handy.
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Reviewed by JG , Davie FL United States , 4/15/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 3/14

I used it on a Windows Laptop at work. I loved it. I loved how it connected very easily. I didn't like that the lights indicating which device you were connected to were at the other end of the keyboard from the select buttons. My head would naturally look at the keys to see what I was connected to. Then I would have to track across the keyboard to look at the lights. Seems like a small thing, but it really was a pain. It felt a little cheap for the price.
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Reviewed by JM , Grand Rapids MI United States , 4/14/2014
Device: Others - Year: 2013/10

It needs a trackpad. I share the keyboard with three computers, have to use sharemouse too.
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Reviewed by BM , Chicago IL United States , 4/13/2014
Device: Others - Year:

I use the Keyboard as my primary KB on my 2013 27" i7 3.4 Ghz Quad Core iMac. I really like the design and having both BlueTooth and USB connections. I also like the quickness of it waking up from standby mode when in BT use. My main complaint is that under BlueTooth connectivity, the battery life is fairly short. (Add a battery for longevity) As a suggestion, a KB designed with a 'Track Pad' area, either to replace the numerical pad or in addition to, would be a great feature. I use the Kanex KB with an Apple Trackpad together, which works great, but in all one design and color, for asthetics would be nice. Also, more battery power for longer life under BT use. Great Keyboard, I like it very much.... keep it up the with the great products!! A user and a fan, Mark Clark
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Reviewed by MC , Austin TX United States , 4/13/2014
Device: iMac - Year: June 2013

1. Using it to connect to iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro. 2. Ease of switching between devices. 3. Oh my word! It has a type face error! The double quotes and the single quotes are the wrong way around! I only noticed it after a while because I touch type and didn't bother with actually looking at the keyboard. To me this is a flaw and if I hadn't moved overseas after buying the product I would have sent it back and got a replacement. For now I just put up with it. But it means that I am more than reserved at selecting another Kanex product. I was considering the Sydnee at one stage. 4. The right arrow key has intermittent problems. Compared to all the other arrow keys, this one doesn't work as well. I can't find exactly when and how it does it, but it is not to do with the computer I'm using as the right arrow key is fine on that keyboard. I'm sticking with the keyboard for the time being as I will ignore the above above two problems if I can use the one keyboard for three separate devices.
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Reviewed by PN , San Francisco CA United States , 2/1/2014
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013


What's Included:

Kanex MultiSync Mac Keyboard
2 AAA Batteries
User Manual

Technical Specifications:

Pairs up to 4 Devices using Bluetooth 3.0 Technology
One Touch Toggle Between your Mac, PC,  iPhone, and iPad
Mac OS X (Version 10.0 or later)
iOS 4.0 or later* (Search button works with iOS 7.0.4 or later)
Works with Windows and Android Devices*
Works with Apple TV*
Battery Operated or Bus-Powered
Dimension: 442.0(L) x 125.0 (W) x 20.0 (H)mm
Key Pitch: 19.0mm
*Hot key functions may not be compatible with some application/devices.


Mac computers with Bluetooth wireless technology

iPad (all models)
iPad Mini (all models)
iPad Air
iPhone (all models)
Apple TV (2nd and 3rd ) Generation
PlayStation 3

The host device is required to support Bluetooth HID profile