Power for Two

When your mobile device is running out of juice, the GoPower Pack can provide a second life to your device. Whether you carry multiple devices or share with a friend, the GoPower Pack offers two USB charging ports to charge two devices at once. For everyday power use, the GoPower 6,000 mAh has the capacity to fully charge your smartphone twice. If you’re a hard-core power user, the 11,000 mAh can deliver up to 4 full charges.

Portable Power Companion

Continue to use your favorite mobile device on the go with the extra-portable GoPower 2,600 mAh. Whether you’re walking, riding a bike around town, hiking in the mountains, or camping with friends, the GoPower 2,600 can charge and extend your smartphone’s talk time.

2-Port battery

Power for both iPhone and iPad
Compact Style battery

LED Status Indicator

LED indicators let you know the power level of your GoPower Pack. To recharge the GoPower Pack, simply plug the included micro USB cable into the GoPower Pack then to a USB power source.

Go With Style

Charge your phone and look good doing it. GoPower Pack’s (6,000 and 11,000 mAh models) sleek design features an innovative slide-out stand that props up your phone so you can watch a movie while charging. The 2,600 mAh model comes in an ultra-compact, ergonomic design that offers great value and is easy to transport.

I discovered the product on the Kanex website. I was interested by the battery capacity and the design. It just perfectly suits my needs.
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Reviewed by PA , Schiltigheim France , 7/13/2014
Device: iPad - Year:


What's Included:

• Kanex Mobile Power Pack
• micro USB Cable
• Carrying Pouch
• User Manual


1.0A port:
Most mobile devices with 1.0A input voltage, such as smartphones and devices with smaller battery capacity.
2.1A port:
Most mobile devices with 2.1A input voltage, such as tablets and devices with larger battery capacity.
Technical Specifications
  GoPower Pack™ 6,000mAh
GoPower Pack™ 11,000mAh
GoPower Pack™ 2,600mAh
Input DC 5V, Max 2,000 mAh DC 5V, Max 2,000 mAh DC 5V, Max 1,000 mAh
Output1 DC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAh DC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAh DC 5.3V, Max 1,000 mAh
Output2 DC 5.3V, Max 2,100 mAh DC 5.3V, Max 2,100 mAh N/A
USB type-A connector Charge your device Charge your device Charge your device
micro-USB connector Charge your battery Charge your battery Charge your device
Battery Type Lithium-Ion Battery Lithium-Ion Battery Lithium-Ion Battery
Charges  iPhone 5s 2 times 4 times 1 times
Unit Dimension 2.46in. x 4.13in. x 0.96in. (WxHxD) 2.46in. x 5.44in. x 0.89in. (WxHxD) 1.17in. x 3.63in. x 0.85in.(WxHxD)
  62.4mm x 105mm x 24.2mm 62.5mm x 138.2mm x 22.6mm 29.75mmx 92.3mm x 21.6mm
Unit Weight 0.3929lb 0.6174lb 0.14lb
  178.6g 280.66g 66.0g
Unit + Accessory
0.484lb 0.704lb 0.18lb
  220g 320g 86g
Unit Package
3.86in. x 5.55in. x 2.01in. (WxHxD) 3.86in. x 6.77in. x 2.01in. (WxHxD) 3.88in. x 5.10in. x 1.12in. (WxHxD)
  98mm x 141mm x 51mm 98mm x 172mm x 51mm 98.66mm x 129.79mm x 28.60mm
Unit Package
0.5632lb 0.8008lb 0.28lb
  556g 364g 128g