Dual USB Wall Charger

Charge 2 devices at the same time!

Power when you need it. Dual USB.

DoubleUp features two full-power 2.1A USB charging ports for fast charging of your smartphones and tablets from any outlet in the house.

Offered in both black and white finishes, DoubleUp is a USB wall charger designed to work how you work – fast, effective and efficient. DoubleUp can change many combinations of tablets or smartphones.

Green means Go.

LED indicators for each port/device let you know when you’re charged and ready to go; ideal for the power user that needs to top-off their smartphone or tablet’s power.

Easy Travel

DoubleUp has fold-down plug blades for easy travel. Take it with you wherever you may need a charge.

Modern Design with Efficiency in Mind

As chargers heat up, they start to lose their charging power, which in turn, takes longer to charge your device. DoubleUp was specifically designed to generate less heat throughout the duration of the charge and therefore you get not only a full-powered but quicker charge for both devices.

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What's Included:

Kanex DoubleUp

Output Power: 21 watts

Technical Specifications:

2 x USB Charging Ports @ 5V, 2.1-amps
2 x LED full charge status indicators
Built-in short circuit protection
CE, UL, & PSE Certified
1 x 5-15P wall plug