The Kanex C30 converts your Mini DisplayPort equipped Mac to any monitor or high-resolution display equipped with standard or Dual-link DVI by extending or mirroring your desktop environment. When using larger monitors, such as the 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, the Kanex C30 works flawlessly providing loftier and stunning video to match your display’s native resolution up to 2560x1600 pixels.
The compact-size and lightweight-build eliminates unwanted bulk and cable clutter. Housed in a sturdy aluminum finish, the Kanex C30 performs in style.

Works with 30-inch
Apple Cinema Display

Get faster and higher-quality picture than standard single-link DVI with the Kanex C30. The additional bandwidth supports a stunning 2560x1600 maximum resolution; perfect for those massive 30-inch displays.
Supports Thumderbolt
mac and apple LED display 30-inch
Multi-display setup

A Bigger Display
for your Work Space

Use your 30-inch monitor or multi-display set-up with your Mac where additional desktop space is needed. The more space you have to work with, the easier it becomes to efficiently multi-task.
2560 x 1600 resolution

"Active" Equals Effective

Graphics cards with ATI™ Eyefinity Technology require an active adapter, like the Kanex C30, to create a video wall with up to 6 displays. It’s one awe-inspiring experience.
ATI eyefinity multi-display technology

USB Powered

Powered from Within

Don't bother with cumbersome power supplies that take up space. The Kanex C30 includes a USB connector for power. Simply plug and play, it's that simple.


Don't Forget...

Single-link DVI is also supported. Connect your Mac to an existing display using standard DVI. The Dual-Link DVI connector on the C30 seamlessly makes the connection and actively converts the video signal.



What's Included:

Kanex C30

Technical Specifications:

Input: Mini DisplayPort
Output: DVI-D (Dual Link)
Support Resolution: Up to 2560X1600 for Dual-Link DVI
Up to 1920x1080 for Single-Link DV
Power Consumption: 0.9W
Color Depth: 24bit
Power source: USB
Dimensions: 3.25 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (W) x 0.5 inches (H)
Cable length: 25  inches



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Hi, I have a dell 30" inch monitor and an hp envy 17 laptop. Was wondering if this cable would be compatible, in the overview you have only listed apple products? If not, can you recommend any other products that would be able to power the monitor at full resolution (2560x1600). Regards, Sasha
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Please be advised that this adapter works with many displays as long as its a Dual Link DVI input. However, this product will only work with a device that has a Mini DisplayPort video out. This adapter will power the full native resolution of 256x1600 as well.
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Does Kanex C30 support 1920x1080 at 120hz?
No it does not. The maximum refresh rate the Kanex C30 supports is 60Hz.
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  4.62 out of 5 / Based on 8 reviews

1. Used it to hook up my extra 30" apple display. 2. That it was available and it has worked so far. 3. I didn't like the fact that there was no instructions or explanation of use Even though I knew how to use it, I just felt like there should be a reference diagram even if it's available on your website. I think the cables could be longer especially with the new Mac Pro desktop design Having to keep them closer to the CPU than I wanted. 4.i don't like the fact that I still have to plug in both cables on the Kanex 30 and the original sub off the display to make the displays have power, so what's the point of your USB?
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Reviewed by kg , PLATTEVILLE CO United States , 7/12/2014
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2014/ April

Work as a beauty! It's the only cable I can use (besides the same cable from Mac of course) to have full res in my MBP Retina and my 30" Dell monitor. The image is amazing. It took a long while to be delivered though. I didn't mind, but if you have deadlines it's somethig to keep in mind.
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Reviewed by JS , Montreal QC Canada , 6/18/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2013

Used this cable as a replacement for the problematic original mini Apple display port to dual dvi cable to a 27 inch Hazro. I was a bit apprehensive about the price but saw the reviews and bit the bullet. After using it now for a couple months I can honestly say that the noise, black screens and double screens have all gone. Excellent piece of kit! Strange that Apple cannot crack it but Kanex can!!
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Reviewed by MB , Penarth United Kingdom , 6/1/2013
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 2012/12

Works perfectly.... I liked...
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Reviewed by SS , Miramar FL United States , 5/16/2013
Device: iMac - Year: 2013

excellent! works exactly as described. I use it with 30" HP and never has the screen flickered or dropped connection.
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Reviewed by LJ , Warsaw Poland , 6/15/2012
Device: Mac Mini - Year: 2012

1. I used this Kanex C30 for Apple Cinema 30" Display with Mac Book Pro 15" i7 Laptop. as new Apple Cinema display don't not offer Matt screen finish for professionals. 2. Liked this product as Apples Original has many poor reviews. 3. Have noticed some Screen Rendering Issues with certain screen sharing apps when changing resolution. like be brought on by sleep make suspension. 4. Just wish it didn't us use my other USB Port for Power, Could have integrated USB hub for convenience.
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Reviewed by AM , Havelock North Hawkes Bay New Zealand , 2/7/2011
Device: - Year:

We are using it to connect a Macbook pro to a 30 inch Apple Cinema Display. It resolved the problem of poor picture quality that we were getting from the Apple connector.
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Reviewed by BB , Cary NC United States , 10/18/2010
Device: - Year:

So far this product is exactly as it is supposed to. The only reason I didn't give the highest rating is I want to have more time to see if it wigs out like the Apple version of the product. So far it has not. The Apple dual link adapter would go nuts at very random occurrences. Whether I hooked it up to the computer USB power, whether I hooked it up to a powered hub, whether the computer was hot or whether it was cool. I run VMware with Windows XP and many times I would get a problem when switching into VMware via spaces. So far that has not happened with the Kanex dual link adapter. BTW I am connecting to a Dell 3007WFP with a 27inch iMac Quad I7 unit.
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Reviewed by RZ , Cupertino CA United States , 9/14/2010
Device: - Year:

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