Award Winning Performance

Winner of Macworld’s Best of Show Award 2010, the Kanex XD provides high performance and quality. Offering excellent design and features, Kanex XD provides premium results as a solution connection for an HDMI source to your iMac and Cinema Display.
Not compatible with Thunderbolt™ iMac and Display
Macworld Best of Show award
Blue-ray and apple LED Cinema Display 27-inch
XBOX two displays in one

Two Displays in One

Fully utilize the backlit LED of the 27-inch iMac to work and play hard. Use command+F2 to toggle between the external signal and OS X so you can maximize efficiency.
Command + F2

Work Hard and Play Hard

Play all your favorite console games from the PS3 and the Xbox 360 on the iMac. Eliminate the need for an additional TV when you can simply connect your consoles to the 27-inch iMac and Apple Cinema Display.
Support Blue ray PS3 and XBOX 360
PS3 and Apple iMac 27-inch




What's Included:

Kanex XD
3ft Mini DisplayPort cable M/M
3ft HDMI cable M/M
5V Power Supply

Technical Specifications:
Input: HDMI
Output: Mini DisplayPort
Power: 5V DC Power Supply
Dimensions: 3.2 inches (L) x 2.1 inches (W) x 1 inch (H)
Maximum Resolution of 1920x1200@60Hz  
1280x720 @ 60Hz on 27-inch iMac and Apple LED Cinema Display*
Supports uncompressed digital LPCM 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channels
Supports compressed digital Bit-Stream
(Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio)



iMac iMac 27"
Late 2009
Mid 2010
Apple LED Display 27 LED display 27"
Mid 2010

  NOTE: Not compatible with Thunderbolt™ display.

FAQ (13)

Does this device also function as an Mac to tv adapter? To play HD movies on my television!?
Dear Customer, Please be advised that this unit is not bi-directional and will only allow you to display an HDMI source to a mini DisplayPort display. Thank you.

Can I use the Kanex XD to connect Apple TV through Kanex XD to a new 27'' LED Apple Cinema Display?
The XD will work with the Apple TV on the new 27" Apple LED Cinema Displays. You simply hook it up and it will work.

Will this work with a 2010 MacBook pro?
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The MacBook Pros can not be used as a display therefore the Kanex XD will not work with the MacBook Pros.

Do you need a TV in order for this set up to work through, or this this device eliminate the need for a television?
Hello, You will need an HDMI display in order to set up your source such as your PS3 or Xbox 360 prior to connecting it to the XD and your iMac. You will need to set your source before using it with the XD. Thank you.
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Does this work to provide a second display for a laptop with HDMI at 2560x1440 ?
Please be advised that this will allow you to take a HDMI source(PS3, Xbox 360) and view it on your 27"iMac or 27" Apple Cinema Display.
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Hi, this looks like an awesome product! Will I be able to use this with a PC Desktop with a graphic card that has HDMI output? I have a late 2010 27" iMac, and I was wondering if I can use my iMac as a monitor for my PC with this. Thanks so much :D
Yes as long as you send your PC resolution HDMI output to 1280x720 it will work just fine.
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If I link directly the kanex XD to an LED cinema display 27" how do I adjust the volume output of the display?
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You'll have to manually adjust the audio on the device your inputing (probably through the system's settings) since the Cinema Display doesn't have built-in volume control.

Can I use thsi product with an IMAC that is running Windows via bootcamp? Was wondering how to invoke switch to device - Cmd + F2 is not a valid command sequence in Windows....
No, the Kanex XD will not work on the Windows Bootcamp since CMD+ F2 will not be valid Key.Thank You.
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So I bought the Kanex XD to use with my new model 27 inch iMac and it doesn't work with it apparently, despite the fact that it is clearly shown on your web page functioning with your product. What am I supposed to do? Any helps appreciated, thanks.
The XD uses a Mini DisplayPort connection as it's output. This product does not work with the new Thunderbolt equipped iMacs and displays as indicated on the product information page. Thunderbolt products require certification from Intel. Please check out our Thunderbolt information page for new product announcements relating to Thunderbolt certified products: http://www.kanexlive.com/article/thunderbolt-adapters

Hello I was looking at getting this for my mid 2010 imac and was wondering if it will work with the wii u and PS4 ?
Yes. The Kanex XD will work with Wii U and PS4 with your 2010 iMac.

is there any(and I mean 0.000001)chance for this product to support the new 2012 iMac? , I don't care when, just promise me that you will do some thing about it, please say "yes".And how can I keep up to date about your products and updates ?
Sorry, not compatible - Thanks.

Will this work with a PS4?
Yes, but you will need to adjust the video resolution to HD720p and will only work with older display port based imacs and apple cinema displays. check our specs before you buy.

Does this not work with a mid 2011 27" iMac then?
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Sorry, not compatible with the imac mid 2011 27".

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Ratings (55)

  4.20 out of 5 / Based on 55 reviews

Very happy with this product. It works perfectly and has a nice design.
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Reviewed by JR , Acacias Switzerland , 6/25/2014
Device: iMac - Year: 2010/1

1) I have been following the attached instructions and i connected Xbox one with Mac 27" 2 ) it is useful 3) it's expensive 4)Thanks for service Piero
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Reviewed by PM , biella Biella Italy , 12/28/2013
Device: iMac - Year: 2009/ oct.

Using along with a SnapX to switch between Mac Mini and Cable TV box input to 27" apple cinema display. Works great.
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Reviewed by MJ , Englewood Cliffs NJ United States , 12/13/2013
Device: Mac Mini - Year:

Works an absolute treat with my Wii U, although takes a while to ship to the UK.

Reviewed by LK , London London United Kingdom , 2/3/2013
Device: iMac - Year:

Hi actually l like yuor service but the thing is l can t use this product on my iMac because my iMac is 2011 and my iMac is not mini port display anymore n using thunderbolt so l cant use it so please tell me what to do coz if really can't use thats wasting money so please give me a suggestion to solve this problem ASAP
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Reviewed by WK , H.K. HK Hong Kong , 8/22/2012
Device: iMac - Year: 2011

ES UNA SOLUCION EXCELENTE YO LO ESTOY USANDO PARA UN MONITOR LED CINEMA DISPLAY DE MAC CONECTADO A MI LAPTOP DE SONY conectalo fue super facil y se ve increible atravez de la entrada hdmi la salida del video es solo de 1280 x 720 y es bastante aceptable se tardo como 3 semanas en llegarme a Durango Mexico pero siempre fue rasteable y porsupuesto que recomiendo Kanex Xd
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Reviewed by ES , Durango DURANGO Mexico , 8/21/2012
Device: Mac Pro - Year: 2012 agosto

Kanex does exactly what it advertises. It lets you play your playstation on your 27" Imac. No hiccups no installations no hassel it works as soon as you have plugged everything together (provided you have reduced the out of your playstation to 720p). And this is the the ONLY bad thing about it. I it won;t let you play your playstation at 1080p on your imac. Even though you imac is capable at displaying images a at far greater quality than 1080x1920 (it can do 1440x2560). So effectivelyyou are stuck at 720p, and thats where it loses a star. Other than that it is a great product!
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Reviewed by HA , Masterton none New Zealand , 7/17/2012
Device: iMac - Year: 2012/07

I Didnt received the product yet. Do you have a tracking code?
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Reviewed by GM , São Paulo SÃO PAULO Brazil , 6/16/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year:

Thank you for the feedback opportunity. My son has been trying to make it work without success. After reading your user guide and some forum posts I am now sure that the power supply to the XD is the problem. Having tried connecting everything in the correct order and ensuring the source resolution is at 720p. The best we managed was a brief black screen but then only when jiggling the power cord. The problem seems to be at the transformer end connecting to the wall. First brief flickers now nothing. I'm not sure if the lights on the XD ever illuminated during these flickers but I have never seen them on they do not come on now. I have tested the wall plug with other devices and it works fine. We live in Australia (240v) Hope you can help regards Greg
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Reviewed by GR , Sydney New South Wales Australia , 5/12/2012
Device: iMac - Year: 2009

I really like this product but if the Imac can only receive a 720p signal then why wouldn't you make that the default output for the kanex XD. after purchasing this product i had to take my ps3 over to a friends house and use their tv to change the picture settings on my ps3 from 1080p. another issue is always having to get up and unplugg cables whenever i want to switch from ps3 to my imac , it would be great if it had a on/off remote
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Reviewed by BW , Claremont Western Australia Australia , 4/25/2012
Device: iMac - Year:

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