Connect a Projector or Display to Your new MacBook

The Kanex USB-C to VGA Adapter lets you expand your new MacBook’s screen onto a VGA supported display, computer monitor or projector. It’s the perfect adapter that supports sharp resolutions from your USB-C output to VGA. This adapter is designed with portability in mind.

Perfect for Presentations

Display your presentations on any VGA equipped display with our USB-C to VGA Adapter. Many projectors and displays continue to utilize the VGA interface. It’s a simple plug and play solution.

Maximize your Productivity and Entertainment

Add a second monitor or mirror your display to increase productivity. Having that additional workspace improves multi-tasking and increases efficiency at work or at home. With the USB-C to VGA Adapter you can play video game on a larger screen, enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, or photos in full 1080p.

Connect to More

Our line of USB-C connectivity solutions is made with your needs in mind. As we welcome the new USB-C devices, we’ve identified a need to bridge the gap between the old, current and new technologies.

KU3CVGA 814556019160

What's Included:

USB-C to VGA Adapter

Technical Specifications:

Interface: USB-C to VGA Female
Maximum Resolution: 2048 x 1152 @ 60Hz
Color: White
Cable Length: 8.25 in. / 21 cm


MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015)
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2016)
MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016)
HP Spectre
Dell XPS 13 9350
Google Chromebook Pixel
USB-C ready computers Thunderbolt 3 ready computers
macOS v10.10.2 and above
Windows 10 and Windows 8.1
Chrome OS 46.0.2490.82 and above
VGA ready computer monitors, HDTV’s and projectors