Full HD with Digital

Sound View your favorite movies in full HD with digital surround sound support. Display your content on your large screen HDTV for a complete multimedia experience.

Single Cable Solution

One cable for both audio and video means less cables to connect to your device. High flexibility, low bend radius with compact connectors will fit neatly under tight spaces.

Works with MacBook, iMac and Mac mini Port

If you’re using an existing Mac with Mini DisplayPort or looking to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro, we have you covered. Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable transmits video and audio* from your Mac with Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port to an HDTV.

Extend your MacBook onto an HDMI Display

Create extra workspace by extending or mirroring your desktop on to an HD display. Improve work efficiency and multitasking. Increase your productivity by adding an additional display.

Product:Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable 10 ft (3 m) Worked as expected.
Reviewed by CR , Auckland New Zealand , 1/11/2015
Device: Macbook Pro - Year:

Haven't tried this product yet but I will
Reviewed by BK , Truckee CA United States , 7/16/2014
Device: - Year:

I use this cable to view photos using iPhoto on my MacBook Air and display them simultaneously on my HDTV. It works like a champ.
Reviewed by WS , Evanston IL United States , 5/20/2014
Device: - Year:

1. I use it to plug my macBook Air into the TV. 2. It works seamlessly. No adapters necessary. Much cheaper than Apple TV 3. It seems expensive for a wire, but I'm still very happy with it.
Reviewed by mc , Lyme CT United States , 1/25/2014
Device: MacBook - Year: 2013/mid

I ordered this product in early November and took over a month and a half to come in! I think it was USPS 's fault but you should really keep track of these things
Reviewed by AY , London ON Canada , 1/21/2014
Device: Others - Year: 2013/Dec

Works great for watching movies on my hdtv. I have a macbook that I purchased in 2010 and the cable produces sound via the HDMI and great picture quality. To get the sound to work, I had to go to "system preferences" on my macbook to select sound and then HDMI. HDMI didn't show up in System Preferences until the cable was plugged into my computer and the HDMI port on my TV. It had me fooled for awhile, but once I discovered that, everything was great. It works great!
Reviewed by MR , So. Portland ME United States , 3/6/2013
Device: MacBook - Year:

mini display port to hdmi works great. Unable to get sound without a second cable. running macbook pro os x 10.8 about two years old, also have second macbook pro purchased in july. Same thing no sound without second cable. Read your FAQ. There is no sound setting option in my macs that matches your fix
Reviewed by RM , Frenchtown NJ United States , 3/2/2013
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 7/20/2010

1. To connect my mac to my tv 2. It seems to be a high quality product 3. It could be a little more flexible, I'm afraid that I'll damage it by rolling it up tp put it away. 4. 4 stars
Reviewed by DC , APO AP United States , 8/21/2012
Device: MacBook - Year:

It works very well. After I bought it, however, I realized that it was horrendously overpriced.
Reviewed by CG , Gainesville FL United States , 7/18/2012
Device: Macbook Pro - Year: 2010

Not received my product, since they do months, I will ask the credit card chargeback.
Reviewed by MS , João Pessoa Brazil , 6/25/2012
Device: Others - Year:

MDPHD10FT 814556011638

What's Included:


Technical Specifications:

Input: Mini DisplayPort
Output: HDMI® 
Supports data rates up to 2.23Gbps per channel
Supports full HD 1080p (1920x1080)
Supports color depth of 12 bits per channel
Supports uncompressed digital LPCM 7.1, 5.1 or
2 channels and compressed digital Bit-Stream through HDMI Input
HDCP Compliant
Low profile flexible cable
Cable Length: 10 Feet (3 Meters)


MacBook (Late 2010 release)
MacBook Pro 13/15/17 inch (Early 2010 - Early 2013 release)
iMac®  21.5/27 inch (Mid 2013 release)
MacBook Air® 11/13 inch (Mid 2013 release)
Mac Mini
Mac Pro (Mid 2010 release)