kanex meDrive Provides Alternative to Internet-Based Cloud Storage in the Classroom.
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Fullerton School DistrictWalking through classrooms at Valencia Park Elementary, a Title I School in the Fullerton School District in Southern California, it’s evident that the learning environment is transformed through the use of 1:1 iPad devices. Curriculum is integrated with technology throughout the learning environment as students tackle challenging learning problems.

With more than 700 students, Valencia Park Elementary provides access to iPads or iPods daily school wide. The gains made over the last four years implementing the 1:1 iPad deployment are witnessed as Valencia Park moved from Program Improvement Year 4 to a Bronze Medal Achievement School and a 2012 California Title I Academic Achievement School for Bridging the Achievement Gap.

To make these impressive gains in a short period of time the staff and students at Valencia Park committed themselves to teaching and learning in a highly individualized learning environment. This individualization is key as Principal Emy Flores says,
atv pro divider “Students are engaged as evidenced by their focus and eager to learn in a technology-enriched environment that is natural to them.” 

kanex meDrive works with iPad
Kanex meDrive AppiPad + meDrive

As the number of devices steadily increased at Valencia Park a number of challenges also appeared. Among those challenges was limited bandwidth. Prior to the recent spring 2013 network upgrade, the school’s internal network was 100 Mbps, but the external network was a measly 1.5 Mbps connection; hardly enough connectivity for a school serious about integrating 1:1 iPad devices across the curriculum.

With the iPad devices the teachers found the task of receiving student created videos, images, reports, comic books or podcasts from the iPad devices to be difficult and slow. Traditional cloud based solutions didn’t function well due to the slow network connectivity and large number of devices on campus. Collecting all the content through syncing with the computer was cumbersome and students were without email accounts.

Kanex meDrive App Available on the Apple App StoreThe District Technology and Media Services department decided to solve the problem by providing teachers and students easily accessed local storage on the school network. The Kanex meDrive proved a perfect solution, allowing teachers and students access to local file sharing. The Kanex meDrive connects to a classroom Ethernet port and provides a teacher nearly unlimited storage by hooking up a USB drive. Now, students and teachers are able to share documents from their iPad or computer with one another without having to access the internet.

"A big benefit of the meDrive in a school environment is keeping all of the student traffic off the WAN connection and on the fast local network," says Aaron Storey, district technical specialist.

Outstanding Results

Classroom teachers were won over as well. As a fourth grade 1:1 iPad teacher, Lupe Escobar ran into the difficulty of collecting student work. Ms. Escobar found,"The Kanex meDrive is a timesaver. Students send their projects via the free meDrive App. Since the documents are uploaded directly to the flash drive, there is no need to open an email per student to retrieve them. It also saves time because there is no need to download each item from a cloud service."

Robert-The district Director of Technology “Deploying the Kanex meDrive empowered teachers and students at Valencia Park to focus on teaching and learning, not technology,”
Robert Craven, the district Director of

 The meDrive is also a great fit for our K-8 classrooms as we often face issues with providing cloud based solutions for children under 13; now with meDrive we can provide similar functionality at a fraction of the cost and maintain student safety.

About Valencia Park School, Fullerton School District
Valencia Park, a Title I school in Fullerton, California, is a school of over 700 students. Previously, Valencia Park was an under achieving school with limited technology use. For the last four school years under principal Emy Flores, the school aggressively infused iPad devices into the learning environment. During that time the school exited Program Improvement, is acknowledge as a top QEIA school in California, and earned a Bronze Medal Achievement Award as one of Orange County’s Top Schools. Most significant, in 2012 Valencia Park was recognized as a California Title I Academic Achievement School for Bridging the Achievement Gap.

About Kanex
Kanex is a leader of innovative Apple and iOS connectivity solutions for homes and businesses worldwide. Kanex is dedicated to advancing technology by investing in tomorrow’s future. Leveraging its deep-rooted commitment to the consumer electronics industry, Kanex continues to design and develop products that fit the individual, the house, the business and the environment. More information can be found on the web atwww.kanexlive.com.

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